TEA or BRUNCH TIME: Etagere Brunch at Anna Blume in Berlin - Germany

As you might have noticed on my abundance of brunch and tea time posts lately, I really became a fan of these three tier etageres. I keep looking for brunch and tea places with those, however, it becomes more and more difficult for me to separate those for the TEA TIME or BRUNCH TIME posts... This was a brunch, but for every breakfast of mine, tea had to go with it.

Anna Blume

We tried this little cafe in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) called "Anna Blume". I actually went there before, once, about 6 years ago to drink some tea. My good friend Anna-Maria suggested I should try it. Her sister lives in Berlin and so they had experience. And what better reference than from a good friend? Of course I tried it out again.
First, I went there alone on an afternoon to get some tea and a slice of their German style "torte" that they advertise on their website. It was a delcious berry chocolate torte. Something very special was also the tea. It came in a small pot with candied brown sugar. They have a huge selection of fresh tea, black and green, herbal tea and berry tea. This time I chose a 'Wildorange' tea.
The next time I went to Anna Blume with my boyfriend and two friends. We tried their famous three tier etagere brunch, some more tea (this time a green tea with some berry flavor), a glass of mimosa (which the Germans don't seem to know) and a slice of their cake (a huge slice of carrot cake with walnuts) and had a great time.

Brunch at Anna Blume

We were four people and ordered the three tier brunch for 3-4 people which was enough food for all of us. This is Anna Blume's special and has a bit of everything from all the other brunch options. In addtion to the three tier etagere, we also got a dish with scrambled eggs and a basket of German style rolls and bread.

  • The first tier had fresh fruits.
  • The second tier had an array of salamie, smoked salmon, deli meat, and cheese.
  • The third tier had some antipasti, grilled vegetables and also a bit of rice salad.

I did like the food, especially the salami, smoked salmon and the antipasti. However, there were a few things, I wasn't really used to and didn't know where to place them. So were the scrambled eggs really orange, and then there were a few little scoops of fresh dill cream cheese and horseradish and a small bowl of some sort of jam or red fruit jelly. Everything together, I really enjoyed the experience, the food and the tea. 

Top Tier

Middle Tier

Bottom Tier

German style rolls and bread

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