While I was growing up, I wasn’t very interested in food. However, as I started to cook myself that changed. I cannot imagine how someone cannot be passionate about it. For me, food is more than just something flavorful to eat. It evokes memories, transports me back in time, creates illusions of exotic places. And of course, food always has a social aspect for me. Sharing those experiences is the best way to enjoy cooking and eating!

I am not a big meat fan but I am also not a vegetarian. My favorite recipes are of course my Mom’s recipes. While I am German I cannot say that my Mom who is part Latvian (and by the way my father is from Slovenia) cooked traditional German dishes. My favorite dish is my Mom’s Cous Cous recipe that originally her Arabian friend taught her. Maybe because of that I discovered my interest in exotic dishes and I especially like Indian, Thai and Ethiopian food. 

As you can see my recipes will be all over the place and are inspired by my family and friends :)


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  1. Ein toller Blog ist das hier! Ich mag das Spinat-Käse-Teil sehr gerne und die Eier, die werd ich mal nachmachen. ich mach die sonst immer ähnlich. Ohne Mayo, aber mit Ketchup:) Ich hab mir dein Rezept gleich mal gespeichert!

  2. Vielen lieben Dank fuer die netten Worte :) Das hoert man immer geren!


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