A Day in Salzburg

Another year has passed and another trip has been planned and implemented... Like Paris and Prague, we now celebrated my friend's birthday on our trip to Bavaria. As Salzburg was only 1 hour away, we spent a nice day there, experiencing Austrian atmosphere and cuisine :) We were also really lucky with the weather as you can see.

Here are our food experiences:

  • Lunch at "Resch & Lieblich" -  a small rustic style pub with authentic and affordable Austrian fare, really recommendable, not at all touristic. Food was delicious. We had the "Kaspressknödel" soup - a huge dumbling made of bread, cheese and onions in a beef broth, and also the "Grammelknödel" - dumblings with a filling of "grammeln", that's crispy fried diced pork bacon, served on sauerkraut. Additionally, we had some really tasty Gulash.
  • Snack time at the Market at "Chapter Square" - The square is right at the foot of the hill up to the fortress, where you can access the funicular. It's in the historical district next to the Dom Quartier. There were several market stands and one was selling a huge variety of pretzles, different flavours and sizes.  
  • Afternoon dessert time at "Espresso Fabrizi" - If in Salzburg you have to try the legendary Salzburger Nockerl. It's a huge egg white souflée, usually shared between two or three people... We got an insider tip on where to find the best Salzburger nockerl. A café hidden away in a side alley, away from the touristic area. I cannot say whether it really was the best, but it tasted great. However, to be honest, I am not a big fan of fluffy egg white souflées, so for me, the rasberry sauce that came with it was the best ;)
  • Supper time at the "Balkan Grill" - Allegedly the best sausage in Salzburg, even so its orgin was Bulgarian ;) The Grill is only a small little shack, hidden in a side alley, but there was a huge line of tourists when we came and when we left. The sausage (basically a fancy hot dog) came with fresh onions, parsley and a mix of spices (including some curry) that made it taste really unique and delicious.

What else did we see:

  • Mirabelle Palace Gardens -We did not check out the palace, but the gardens were in full bloom and really colorful. Walking through the colorful and romantic garden was a great start for the day.
  • Mozart's Residence and Birthplace - While the Residence House is on the north side of the river Salzach near the Mirabelle Palace, the Birthplace House is across the river on the south side, in the middle of the "Getreidegasse", on the side of the city with the Dom Quartier and the Fortress.
  • Getreidegasse - the bustling heart of Salzburg's Old City
  • Dom Quartier - within the Baroque historical district, the Dom Quartier comprises the Cathedral, the Residenz, and Benedictine St. Peter’s Abbey.
  • Hohensalzburg Fortress - enthroned on the Mönchsberg, high above the rooftops of the Baroque historical district, the biggest fully preserved castle in Central Europe. You can use the funicular to go up there, starting at the Chapter square next to the Dom Quartier.
  • Hellbrun Palace & Trick Fountains - a little out of town but easily reachable by bus, the Water Tour with lots of funny trick fountains was really fun and a nice ending for the day.

At Resch & Lieblich

Salzburger nockerl at Fabrizi Café

Enormous Pretzle at the Market at Chapter Square

Balkan Grill - supposedly the best sausage in Salzburg :)

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