Tally's Food Truck Thursday and Sugar Rush

Tally's Food Truck Thursday

My friends in Tallahassee have a little tradition, on thursdays they go for a nice picnic style dinner to Lake Ella. On that day, several food trucks set up on a lawn behind the cottages and serve internationally inspired and authentic street food style dishes including Puerto Rican and Cambodian cuisine. These food trucks are part of Tallahassee Food Truck Association and Lake Ella's Merchant Association. You can bring some lawn chairs or a blanket and a cooler and enjoy your picnic. They even have a little stage with different local bands playing.

The area ist just beautiful. The first time I visited my friends I went to Lake Ella and enjoyed a nice relaxed afternoon reading my book at the lakeside coffee shop Black Dog Cafe. After that, my friends took me to the Food Truck Thursday to let me be part of their tradition. This is such a great idea to spent a relaxed Thursday evening dinner :)

Food Trucks (may not be a complete list):

Last time, my favorite was the Valhalla Grill. I ordered "The Phonex" (Curry chicken with Thai chili sauce on Naan bread) and went completely overboard by adding a side of Poutine fries with cheese :)

Sugar Rush

And just in case you cannot find the cupcake van, there are several nice other dessert options in Tallahassee. If you want to go extraordinary, got to Sugar Rush. This place is an experience in itself. You can order unique milkshakes with toppings such as cupcakes or birthday cakes :) There are "Unicorns", "Cookie Monsters", "Cereal Killers"... My friends ordered the "S'Mores" milkshake - chocolate ice cream with graham crackers, a syringe full of hot fudge, and roasted jumbo marshmellows. The cup is also dipped in chocolate and graham crackers.

Little dessert at Tally's Sugar Rush - The S'Mores

French Toast Roll-Ups - a.k.a. "Die Röllchen"

Today is my friend's first wedding anniversary. A year ago, I had the pleasure to attend their official wedding ceremony with a delicious brunch at the beautiful Schlosshotel Patrick Hellmann afterwards. The brunch consisted of a large buffet with the usual offerings of different breads, deli meats, cheeses, yoghurt, müsli, cereals, fruit, etc. And we could also order quite a few interesting dishes made to order including several avocado and egg dishes. However, there was one dish that became really popular - the french toast roll-ups with nutella and strawberries. By the way, this filling was way better than the cream cheese filling, what shall I say? Nutella beats it all :). We started calling them the "Röllchen" and kept ordering more and more of them...

Happy first wedding anniversary, I + B :)


  • 8 slices of white toast bread
  • Nutella (hazelnut-chocolate spread)
  • 100g strawberries
  • 5 tablespoons milk
  • 1 egg
  • 100g sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2-3 tablespoons butter (for frying)


  1. Cut off the crust of the bread slices, then flatten them with a rolling pin. Dice the strawberries. In a shallow dish, beat eggs with milk. On a large plate, mix the cinnamon with the sugar. 
  2. Spread Nutella on the entire surface of the bread slices. Top the front side (the small side) of the bread slice with strawberry pieces, so that about 1/3 of the slice is covered. Starting at the front side of the slice of bread with the strawberries, roll the bread tightly up lengthwise.
  3. Heat up butter in a skillet. Now, dip each toast roll into the egg mixture from both sides, so that it is completely covered. Let the roll drip off briefly and place in the hot skillet with the open side facing down. Fry rolls from each side for 2-3 minutes till slightly brown and crispy. 
  4. Take rolls out of skillet and immediately roll in the sugar-cinnamon mix. Serve warm :) 
Note: You can also use different fillings like honey or a cream cheese mix (but add some lemon and vanilla).

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    Proof - Tally's local microbewery and beergarden

    I have never been a big beer drinker, despite being German... However, experiencing Oregon's microbreweries with interesting craft beers, especially fruity beer, I developed a taste for it :) Unfortunately, being back in Germany, my taste cannot be satisfied. So, I am always really pleased to visit the USA with its microbreweries. One of my first endeavors in Tallahassee was to borrow my friend's car, drive to Publix and buy about a dozen single bottles of different kind of craft beers. Together with my friend, we would share the bottles in the evening so that I could experience many different flavors... basically having my own little flights of beer :) Usually, I always prefered the light pale ales, but interestingly, this time, I noticed that I developed a taste for more the hoppier beer flavors, the IPA's...

    Proof Brewing Co.

    This year, my friends introduced me to Tally's own local beer brewery - Proof Brewing Co. Proof is Tally's first and largest independently-owned  production brewery, specializing on a huge variety of craft beers, including fruity beers, IPA's, sour ales, pale ales, etc. Proof also offer a local beergarden. And indeed, it is a beergarden, a bit unusual for the USA, being allowed to drink alcohol outside. It also contains a tasting room and the brewery itself. On some days, there are food carts there, but you are always allowed to bring in your own food. Also, they have live music on Fridays on the patio.

    One evening, my friends took me to this beergarden. I loved it! Especially, that they offered flights of beer! They do also have very interesing flavors, including redish and bluish beer :) Depite loving fruity beer, I think, this time the "La La Land" - an west coast IPA - was my favorite. Another favorite was the Raspberry Kissing Giants. It is a gose ale. Gose is actually a top-fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany (my Mother's hometown :) ). It contains a lemon sourness, a herbal characteristic and a slight saltiness. I did notice the sourness but it tasted great.

    What I ordered:

    • La La Land (West Coast India Pale Ale)
    • Raspberry Kissing Giants (Gose Ale)
    • Blackberry Evil Kiss (Berliner Weisse)
    • Nitro Mango Wit (Belgian Wit)

    Canopy Road Café - A 4th of July Brunch

    A month late, but my latest 4th of July in Tallahassee, Florida, deserves a post! My friends arranged for a wonderful day. We started the day with a decadent 4th of July inspired brunch at the Canopy Road Café. Then we went to the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park with the Piney Z Lake and did a bit of hiking around the lake, through beautiful canopy walkways with a short stop painting some rocks (also 4th of July inspired of course ;). And then for the evening, we headed to the Tom Brown Park to meet up with some friends and enjoy the 4th of July Firework.

    A very special 4th of July! Thank you to everyone who was part of it :)

    Canopy Road Café

    I love going out for a decadent breakfast or brunch, but most times it also involves annoying long wait times. My friend suggested to go on the 4th of July which was a Tuesday instead of the weekend. She thought that on the weekend we definitely have to wait, but maybe we would be lucky on a holiday like the 4th of July. There might be other activities going on and keep people from going brunching... We chose the Canopy Road Café because I hadn't been there before. And we chose the Southwood location, as it is a nice neighborhood and my friends hadn't tried that location. So, something new for everyone. Well, and it worked out great for us. My friend was right. We had no wait time at all and even got a table outside :)

    The menu was really great as well. We all got the breakfast skillets that sounded amazing. And, of course, for such a special day, we just had to order the 4th of July pancakes. If you listened carefully, you even could hear the popping candy, like a little firework :) Here are my food highlights:

    • 4th of July pancakes - Red, white, blue pancakes with strawberries, cream, blueberries and popping candy
    • Breakfast Skillets - mine was the Beebee with lots of veggies, cheese and a fried and runny egg on top
    • Cap'n Crunch French Toast - battered in crunch berries, topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas and vanilla glaze - extra decadent ;)

    Lafayette Heritage Trail Park and PIney Z Lake

    We hiked the "Bill's Memorial Trail" and continued around the lake, completing the "Lake Piney Z Loop". This hike was amazing, as it went by the lake but through nice canopy style walkways with the typical southern trees with spanish moss. To the end, there was also a large brigde boardwalk that I really enjoyed. Beside the hike itself, there was another little surprise highlight. At the end of "Bill's Memorial Trail" there was little art lab with a picnic table and a small library. It had all the equipment that you needed to paint rocks or little disks of wood or pine cones. Painting rocks is kinda popular right now. Kids paint them and leave /hide them on different places throughout the city for other kids to find. There is even a Facebook group where you can post some of the beautiful finds. Not being a child, did not prevent me from painting some myself :) And I even got a little gift from my friend as I admired her 4th of July themed painted wooden disk so much. I think it will make a beautiful christmas ornament :)

    Fireworks at Tom Brown Park

    For the evening we went to the Tom Brown Park with some friends. We even had some very fitting 4th of July accessories :) There was a main stage with life music, some crafts exhibitors and children activities (two big water slides). Also, there were some nice food carts. Next to the band playing on the main stage, there was a Naturalization Ceremony to welcome new citizen and after sunset the big firework show with music. A very nice way to end the evening in great company :)

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