Pink Lady at Spreegold (Berlin, Germany)

And here another cute breakfast & brunch spot - Spreegold. I really enjoy the atmosphere of this place. It's not the usual "trashy" Berlin style, rather modern and clean. They do serve breakfast all day, but also lunch/dinner (mainly burgers, salads, and pasta). However, you can also just drink a cup of tea and enjoy the atmosphere.

While dinner is served, breakfast and lunch are self-service. You order at the open counter, drinks will be made immediately, but for food you get a little beeper. When it starts to blink and vibrate, then you can go and pick up your food at the food counter.

There are several locations, my favorite is the one in Prenzlauer Berg (Stargarder Street) because it has a very nice outdoor area. The one at the Alexander Platz (Rosa-Luxemburg-Street) is also nice because you can see the Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm) from the windows.

My Favorites - Pink Lady and Shakshuka

I really liked their porridge and pancakes, but I was blown away by their poached eggs on bread, especially the "Pink Lady". It is a little unusual (with pumpkin hummus spread and beetroot hollandaise) and it looks really cute! And then it comes with a sea-salt/pepper oil, that is drizzled around the plate. Just delicious! I guess it's a play on the commonly known Eggs Benedicts, just a vegetarian version and country bread instead of a muffin.

I also enjoyed there Shakshuka dishes... I have never tried a Shakshuka before. It is a dish of eggs, tomatoes and Middle Eastern and North African spices (cumin, paprika, nutmeg, cayenne pepper). It's likely of Tunisian or Yemini origin. They serve it hot in a small cast iron skillet, which is also really cute.

Brunch Highlights


Prepared with oat flakes, coconut milk, almond milk and vanilla, try with a side of their homemade granola 
  • Wild-berry & Fruit (served with fresh berries, strawberry purée and mint)
  • Porridge of the Gods (served with dark chocolate sauce, banana, berries and mint)

Poached Eggs on Bread 

The sea salt-oil is drizzeled around the plate so that you can dip the bread in it
  • Pink Lady (pumpkin hummus on country bread, two poached eggs, topped with beetroot-hollandaise, wild herbs and a drizzle of sea salt-pepper-oil around it - looks very cute!)
  • Avocado Stack Bread (avocado salso on Italian bread with two poached eggs, cherry tomatoes, herbs, and a sea salt-sesame-oil)


Spreegold serves a red (tomato sugo base) and a green (kale base) shakshuka, but so far I have only tried the red one. The shakshuka is prepared and served hot in a cast iron skilled and is topped with the poached eggs that will continue to simmer in the hot sugo/ kale.
  • Red Shakshuka (hot oriental tomato sugo, topped off with cooked beetroot slices, chickpeas, quinoa, roasted tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs, and two poached eggs, served with a slice of country bread)


Also good with a side of the homemade granola
  • Berries & Fruit (pancakes served with maple syrup, butter, fresh berries, strawberry purée, mint)


They have a nice variety of standard coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, fruit juices, fresh lemonades (served in cute mason jar mugs), milk shakes, etc.
  • Melting Milkshake (raspberry-vanilla)
  • Sunshine Paleo Smoothie (berries, orange juice, bananas)
  • Sweet Kiss Smoothie (raspberry, apple, ginger)
  • Raspberry Lime Lemonade (lemonade with fresh raspberries, lime, sparkling water, mint)
  • Orange Lemonade (lemonade with fresh oranges, filled up with sparkling water)

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