"Zum dritten Mann" - Brunch Experience Austrian Style

Brunch on Sundays are very famous here in Berlin. So, today we also looked for a nice brunch place here at the Prenzlauer Berg area. We walked around a bit and honestly, I did not know how to decide for a good place where we wouldn't need to wait too long... But then my friends noticed a place that advertised a Julius Meinl coffee, a vienna coffee type that they knew and liked from their vacation in vienna and haven't had for a while. I have never been to Vienna but always wanted to go. We tried it out and perfect decision. Table was a little small, but no wait time and great food. This cute little vienna coffeeshop/restaurant at the "Kollwitzplatz" is called "Zum dritten Mann".

The name "Zum dritten Mann" is based on the 1949 British film noir "The Third Man" with Orson Wells and produced by Carol Reed which is set in postwar Vienna.

This restaurant offers austrian style cuisine. For our brunch we ordered the "Wien für 2 Personen" (Vienna for 2) that came with several austrian kinds of salami, ham and cheese and a bread basket and "Linz" which was more a sweet choice with crepes. This was a good mix and plenty of food.

In a Galaxy far far away...

Amazing gift from my friends! Who wouldn't love this? I think the pictures speak for themselves... Can't wait to try it out :)

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