Proof - Tally's local microbewery and beergarden

I have never been a big beer drinker, despite being German... However, experiencing Oregon's microbreweries with interesting craft beers, especially fruity beer, I developed a taste for it :) Unfortunately, being back in Germany, my taste cannot be satisfied. So, I am always really pleased to visit the USA with its microbreweries. One of my first endeavors in Tallahassee was to borrow my friend's car, drive to Publix and buy about a dozen single bottles of different kind of craft beers. Together with my friend, we would share the bottles in the evening so that I could experience many different flavors... basically having my own little flights of beer :) Usually, I always prefered the light pale ales, but interestingly, this time, I noticed that I developed a taste for more the hoppier beer flavors, the IPA's...

Proof Brewing Co.

This year, my friends introduced me to Tally's own local beer brewery - Proof Brewing Co. Proof is Tally's first and largest independently-owned  production brewery, specializing on a huge variety of craft beers, including fruity beers, IPA's, sour ales, pale ales, etc. Proof also offer a local beergarden. And indeed, it is a beergarden, a bit unusual for the USA, being allowed to drink alcohol outside. It also contains a tasting room and the brewery itself. On some days, there are food carts there, but you are always allowed to bring in your own food. Also, they have live music on Fridays on the patio.

One evening, my friends took me to this beergarden. I loved it! Especially, that they offered flights of beer! They do also have very interesing flavors, including redish and bluish beer :) Depite loving fruity beer, I think, this time the "La La Land" - an west coast IPA - was my favorite. Another favorite was the Raspberry Kissing Giants. It is a gose ale. Gose is actually a top-fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany (my Mother's hometown :) ). It contains a lemon sourness, a herbal characteristic and a slight saltiness. I did notice the sourness but it tasted great.

What I ordered:

  • La La Land (West Coast India Pale Ale)
  • Raspberry Kissing Giants (Gose Ale)
  • Blackberry Evil Kiss (Berliner Weisse)
  • Nitro Mango Wit (Belgian Wit)

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