Seattle's Pike Place Chowder and Lola's Doughnuts

This post is about my boyfriend and my holiday weekend trip to Seattle and our favorite food places there.

Pike Place Chowder
    - the best clam chowder ever

Even though I have already been several times to Seattle, I had to wait for my friend Nick to discover this little place as he and his girlfriend came visiting on a vacation trip. This is an amazing little Clam Chowder place right of the Pike Place, in the Post Alley. It is not a big fancy restaurant, however they serve a variety of freshly prepared chowders and bisques. If you are not a big fan of seafood, you can even get vegetarian or vegan chowders with fresh vegetables from the market. They also serve them in Bread Bowls. When you enter the place, you can see the "Hall of Fame" board, showing that they won best clam chowder awards all over the States, even in New England on the east coast that is famous for its clam chowders.

Lola's (or the Dahlia Bakery) 

             - the best fresh baked doughnuts ever

My boyfriend found this little place. He watched one of the shows on the Food Network Channel that I almost always have running at home and they introduced the best doughnuts on the west coast. He surprised me and took me there for my birthday. Lola's is a full sized restaurant, however, the best thing on the menu are their small doughnut holes. They are freshly baked and served in a paper bag filled with cinnamon sugar that they shake so that the warm doughnuts are covered with the sugar. But that's not all, they serve amazingly delicious dipping sauces: a mascarpone creme sauce and a seasonal jam (which can be a pear or berry jam).
If you do not want to go into the restaurant, or arrive at a time when they don't serve the doughnuts (12-1pm) , you can also get these doughnuts at the cute little Dahlia Bakery across the street, that kind of belongs to the restaurant. Here you can either sit down on a street-side table or get them to go.

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