TEA TIME - Afternoon Tea style Brunch at Miyuko's in Zurich

This entry is well overdue. Back in February when I visited my good friends Lisa and Simon and their fairly newborn baby at that time (see my post about a delicious Fish Curry with Coconut and Lime), they took me out for brunch at this amazing little cute place called Miyuko. This was the beginning of my love for so-called "Afternoon Tea" or "High Tea" sessions.

Afternoon Tea

Traditionally, "Afternoon Tea", also known as "Low Tea", was a light afternoon meal (e.g. scones and finger sandwiches) accompanied by tea and served on low tables in sitting rooms, next to sofas. Loose black tea was served, and the caffeine with the sandwiches was supposed to provide fortification against afternoon doldrums. While "Afternoon Tea" was historically considered a social occasion often enjoyed especially by women, the so-called "High Tea" was a meal for the working class, served on higher tables and also incorporated some meat snacks.

It is said that the "Afternoon Tea" started in the mid-1800 by the Duchess of Bedford, one of the ladies-in-waiting of Queen Victoria, who had invited friends over for tea and light snacks in the afternoon. At the time it was common to have only two meals, a mid-morning breakfast and a late-night dinner with a long wait in between meals, leaving the Duchess with a sinking feeling at around four o'clock. The practice of inviting friends to an afternoon tea quickly picked up.

Pinkies up!

Did you ever wonder, where the habit of lifting the pinkies while holding a tea cup originated from? Originally all porcelain tea cups were made in China, small cups with no handles. In order to not spill yourself, you had to hold it with the thumb at the 6 o'clock position and middle and index finger at 12 o'clock and raising the pinkie up to hold the balance.   

At Miyuko's

Miyuko is a tea salon where you can get the traditional English Afternoon Tea. However, they also serve brunch. Our brunch was served in a similar fashion, on an old-fashion and elegant three tier etagere.They had a long list of different tea selections and also brunch drinks such as smoothies.They served fresh rolls and croissants in a little basket and then fruits, yoghurt, cured meat and cheese and desserts on the three tier etagere.

A wonderful experience that started my interest in Tea Times :)

Top tier - Desserts

Middle tier - Cured Meat and Cheese

Lower tier - Yoghurt and Fruits

Fancy Hot Chocolate

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