At "Tamra's" in Berlin


- a tiny little Arabic restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, my new neighborhood. It was one of those days you don't want to cook, long and emotionally stressful. So we decided to try this little place for Dinner as it carries the name of a very special friend. We took it as a sign :) And indeed. The food was delicious.

What we ordered:
  • We bought a mixed appetizer plate (Tamra Platte), really good to try all the different little things that when you read the name you just don't know what it is (e.g. Metabel? Kobbe Taschen?)... 
  • We also ordered the special of the day, a Cous Cous tangine. 
  • And of course a banana-guave shake and a mango lassie to share. 

The owner/ waitress was very accomodating, the place was small and quiet with a nice atmoshpere and I would recommend this place to anyone. However, be aware that the bill that you will get, will be handwritten and an estimate but that should not hinder you to try the food :)

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