So, my little group of friends from College times and I, we have this tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving together with a real Thanksgiving Dinner. Over the years, life kinda took us all to different parts of the world, so it is difficult to all come together again. Nevertheless, the tradition still lives on with whoever is available and the others will be missed dearly!

This year, we celebrated in Berlin, Germany. In the background, we listened to a Friends marathon on TV, starting with the episode "The one with all the Thanksgivings" (season 5) where Monica carries a Turkey on her head :) Everything very fitting.

Our menu included a few new amazing homemade dishes (we had to skip one of our tradional dishes though, a sweet potato casserole with marshmallows). We made homemade dinner rolls, a true American style green bean casserole, garlic and bacon brussel sprouts and a green apple walnut and cranberry salad.

On this year's THANKSGIVING Menu:

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