Sunny Side Up Eggs a different way - a B-Day gift

So, this post is about a birthday gift - one I really wasn't quite sure about and almost didn't go through with it. A while back a friend of mine posted on Instagram a sunny side up egg in form of a skull during Halloween time. I thought that so funny and it looked quite pretty. I thought this would be a perfect gift for a friend of mine, especially as he has a little girl at home. At that time I didn't know that he had developed some kind of food allergy to eggs... my bad...

Anyways, I talked to my friend with the egg skull mold and she told me that the egg skull turned out quite okay at the second try. I did a little more research and googled youtube videos/reviews. Unfortunately, these did not convince me too much, especially not "Fred and Friends" review. They did not look pretty and the people complained that it is not easy. And furthermore, the silicone molds were so flimsy, I started doubting it...  So, I was a little in a pickle and stuborn as alway... Despite the reviews, I really did like the skull form and the idea, especially because I found this box with three cute egg molds which seemed really nice for the little kid (skull, bunny and owl), and my friend who had actually tried it out said it would be okay. I decided to trust her. Good decision!

I never expected this outcome. Look how gorgious these turned out! And that was his first try. I guess he is just a natural ;)

Cook's Tips:

I asked him whether he did something special or has some tips, but for him it seemed easy. Just use two eggs :) After I showed him the reviews, he was surprised how much could go wrong. He added a few more tips. First, seperate the egg yolk from the egg white so that you can transfer the egg yolk easily into the eyes of the molds. Then, grease the molds, use a teflon frying pan and use chopsticks to remove excess egg white (that runs out of the mold) before it turns solid. Also, don't heat up the frying pan too much to prevent brown egg white and blisters and don't use a lid as some reviews suggest. Loosen the egg yolks before you remove the mold and transfer the eggs to the plate. And maybe use pepper on the plate, after you take the picture ;)

I post this to show that these egg molds can result in eggs that look as perfect as on the commercials. Don't get discouraged by some of the youtube reviews.

Picture courtesy of N.K.

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