On the Island - The Bean Café

Recently, I had the pleasure to explore the San Juan Island in Washington. The island is not very big with only Friday Harbor on the south side and Roche Harbor on the north side as townlike areas. I stayed on a cute little house boat, explored Friday Harbor with its peaceful small town atmosphere and Roche Harbor with its fine dining options and pool area. And I was very lucky to be there for a week of full sunshine. I used the time to relax and enjoy the sun and island life. I even got to catch an outdoor Shakespeare play of Romeo and Juliet and got to experience the true island life by hanging out with some locals.

One of my favorite spots and rituals on the island was to get my everything bagel with cream cheese and unsweatend (and unlimited) iced tea at the Bean Café, one of the few island cafes in Friday Harbor. It is nestled in a side alley right of the harbor. I liked it as it had really nice comfy armchairs inside with a great music selection and also a cute little outdoor seating area. They have free wifi, even afterhours, which was nice as they close pretty early, at 5pm. Turned out that the staff running the cafe were really nice as well. I even had the chance to get to know some of them. They are mostly a group of young people that moved to the island after living a much louder life in a crowded city and kinda found their peace on the island.

My food highlights at the café were definitely the breakfast bagels and tea selection as well as the lunch options with sandwiches, paninis and a very tasty potato salad, especially combined with the nice atmosphere and company :)

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