Dining at Roche Harbor

If visiting the San Juan Island, it is almost impossible not to go to Roche Harbor, the only other "town" on the island. It is a resort, but you can also buy a day pass for the pool and enjoy the dining options. There is a cute little cafe, the Lime Kiln Café that serves breakfast and lunch. For further lunch and dinner options, you have on the other side Madrona Bar and Grill and basically in the same building, up on top McMillin's Fine Dining.

I have tried them all and have to tell you, they are uniquely different and special. Here are a few of the options I had or at least tried and can recommend. They tasted delicious, and even better, the environment and nice view was just amazing.

Lime Kiln Café
  • Hazelnut Crusted Veggie Burger
  • Cubano Sandwich with "Mojo" Pork
  • Roasted Turkey with Cranberry & Cream Cheese

Madrona Bar and Grill
  • Wild Local's Sockeye Salmon Tacos -- Salmon was just deliciously spiced...
  • Shanghai Street Noodles with Shrimp and Barbeque Pork
  • Pig War Martini -- The island is famous for the little war over a troublesome pig that happened in 1859 between the American and British camp...
  • Key Lime Pie -- as a drink with vanilla ice cream, lime juice, puerto rum and triple sec... just decadent

 McMillin's Fine Dining
  • Dungeness Crab Bisque -- nicely served with warm fresh baked bread. You can get the same bisque downstairs at the Madrona, but ironically, it costs more there and doesn't come with the bread.
  • Strawberry Champagne Mojito

At Madrona's Bar and Grill

This drink was called "Key Lime Pie" and had vanilla ice cream in it...

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