Smokin' Tally - Of Smokehouses, Smoked Salmon, and Smokin' Rooftop Cocktails

I just love to visit my Floridian friends in Tallahassee and not just because I love hanging out at their amazing pool and going kayaking/ canoeing ;) They do know how crazy I am about food and they always find some great food (and beverage) places that they show me. Check out last year's experience

4 Rivers Smokehouse

This year, I was craving pulled pork and my friends took me to 4 Rivers Smokehouse. This is a great place for several reasons. First, you actually order and pick up your food yourself which is fun. Second, they had a huge selection of side dishes to choose from. You are able to see them behind the coutner when you order which I always enjoy. Third, they have different menu options. You can order regular "Signature Stackers" where the meat comes in a bun or similar. However, the special and fun part is, to order the "Old School" menu when the meat is the highlight. And last but not least, the signature 4R BBQ sauce and the pulled pork were just delicious! This smokehouse is a winner for me :)

Old School Menu 

Here you can pick your meat (brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, smoked turked, sausage to name a few) and then choose whether you want it as a sandwich or just as a "Dinner" with a biscuit and sides. Dinner means here that the meat is placed on your plate without a bun, however, you get a separat biscuit. I highly suggest to substitute the biscuit for a delicious Texas Cornbread like my friends did. And then you can pick your sides...

Homemade Sides

They have a lot of nice options: 4R BBQ beans, mac & cheese, Texas cornbread, collards, southern coleslaw, potato salad, baked cheese grits, southern green beans, sweet potato casserole, smoked jalapenos, smokehouse corn, bread pudding, french fries, fried pickles, fried okra, seasonal sides. 

When we ordered, I was set on my idea of having pulled pork within a bun, so I ordered from the "Signature Stackers" the Messy Pick - and it was messy! The BBQ sauce was just running, but that just belongs to a good pulled pork sandwich! My friends ordered the "Dinner" option with pulled pork and cornbread. Together, we had the corn, the beans, the collards, the potato salad, the sweet potato casserole and the bread pudding as sides. My favorite sides were the collards, the 4R BBQ beans, and surpisingly, the sweet potato casserole, which tastes like a dessert but it goes really good with the BBQ sauce... And the bread pudding surprised me as well. I am glad that my friend has such a sweet tooth and ordered those so that I could try :)

Smokin' Rooftop Cocktails

Another highlight was actually my girl's night out with my friend M. while her husband stayed home for a podcast interview. My friend suggested to go to this rooftop cocktail bar that she always wanted to try out, the Level 8 Lounge at the Hotel Duval. We put on some nice dresses and went there right in time for a beautiful sunset. I could not stop myself from ordering a Cosmopolitan and feeling a little bit like in Sex and the City ;) This was just a very special evening for me, the atmosphere, the company and the talks!

Smoking Salmon at Uptown Cafe

Last but not least, I just have to mention this nice little brunch place - the Uptown Cafe. I love breakfast and brunch! And this place was just so cute. But shocker, I did not take pictures!! I guess I must have enjoyed the food and company so much that I completely forgot about it... actually a first :)

We were able to sit outside and even so we had to wait a little bit, the service was just really nice. They are famous for their Uptown Smoked Salmon - an apricot glaced smoked salmon.  On suggestion of my friend I ordered the Salmon Hash which came as a red potato hash with salmon, paprika, feta cheese and an egg on top. I was delicious! As a dessert we tried the very decadent Banana Bread French Toast - a very good ending :)

Those weren't the only food highlights in Tally. I also really enjoyed the Food Truck Thursday at Lake Ella, the Burger and Oreo Milkshake at Red Robbins, ordering in from Buffalo Wild Wings, the annual pizza & boardgame night, a spontaneous living room picnic with Gruffalo and the Mouse, and my daily breakfast everything bagel with creamcheese and a Chobani Flip yoghurt (which comes in so many different delicious flavors)... Just to name a few ;) I can't wait to come visit again!!

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