London's proper Sunday Roast (Brown's Brasserie)

This Sunday Roast just deserves its own post :) I was really amazed. I cannot say for sure whether sunday roasts in the UK are delicious in general. Maybe I just lucked out and found a good place to eat it. I would so eat this again and when I return I probably will :)

As I tried to find a traditional sunday roast, I did not care much about the roast itself but the traditional so-called "trimmings" - what is served with it. One trimming in particular, the Yorkshire Pudding. During my highschool time I participated in a student exchange program. I spent a week with an English family in Wales. On the weekend the mother cooked a proper English dinner, including the Yorkshire Pudding. However, I was so young, I did not appreciate it and did not really eat it. I thought it tastes plain... So, now, as a grown-up and a genuine foodie, I wanted to give it another try :) And I was not disappointed. Just look at this exemplar of a Yorkshire Pudding! And while I still think that the flavor itself is rather simple, it just tastes so delicious if you pour a good gravy over it...

I went to Brown's Brasserie (Victoria location) to get the roast. I was a little hesitant first, as it is a chain restaurant, but it worked out great :) The Yorkshire pudding was perfect and also, the sirloin beef really tasty and lean with a nice roast flavor, the roasted goose fat potatoes just yummy and the gravy just very delicate and fancy. I am already looking forward ordering it again!

The Sunday Roast included:

  • Sirloin beef roast
  • Goose fat roasted potatoes
  • Roasted beans and carrots
  • Spiced red cabbage
  • Yorkshire pudding
  • Horseradish crème fraiche
  • A proper delicious fancy gravy (I forgot what it exactly was, some red wine I believe...)

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