Fancy Desserts at the Dorint Park Hotel Restaurant

The Dorint Park Hotel

I recently spent a few days at the Dorint Park Hotel in Bremen (Germany) - the city of the famous four town musicians (a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster). The Hotel is nicely located in a park at a small lake and conveniently also has its own restaurant (Park Restaurant at Dorint Park Hotel). On their Facebook page I saw those amazing dessert creations. I had to try them out :) I actually tried a few different ones, a chocalate cake one, a panna cotta one and a crème brulée one. The chocolate cake was definitely my favorite, however, all of them were just amazing! They tasted delicious and they just looked so cute, with lots of little different elements.

Beside the dessert, I also had a normal entrée at the restaurant. I had the "Wiener Schnitzel" with a mushroom tortellini soup and a salad, which was quite enjoyable as well.

Another highlight at the hotel was the little spa area and the wellness treatments. Even though, half the equipment in the spa was out of order, it was more than enough to relax and enjoy, especially if you try the Cleopatra Bath with goats milk ;).

The hotel also offered a huge breakfast buffet with fresh fruit, juices, deli meats and different kind of breads, hot full english breakfast dishes, an omlette station, a cereal station, and fascinatingly, a real honeycomb :)

All in all, the hotel did not disappoint and I can just highly recommend it!

Baked Valrhona Chocolate - My Dessert Highlight!

  • A chocolate cake with a liquid core, muscovado caramel ice cream, raspberry sorbet, pears in elderflower, pickled blackberries in peach-olive sauce, peppered chocolate sand, figs, raspberries, meringue drops, caramel twirl, tempered chocolate, raspberry jelly discs, etc...


Panna Cotta from White Chocolate

  • The bottom of the bowl is full of panna cotta, topped with a white chocolate disc, apricot and passion fruit sorbet and caviar, blackberry jelly drops, brownie crumble, sesame brittle, mango cream, meringue drops, etc...

Burnt Raspberries and Roses

  • The bottom of the bowl is filled with a crème brulée, topped with an almond brittle twirl, tempered chocolate, sour cream foam, white peach sorbet, glazed peaches, candied olives and raspberries, meringue drops, etc...

The Dorint Park Hotel

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