The Pink Café (Berlin, Germany)

Brunch at The Pink Café was a great experience. Nice chic and girly atmosphere and delicious and creative food options. The place is rather small and intimate with some outdoor seating. The entire walls are decorated with roses. Of course, the color pink and gold dominated everything. Pink walls, golden pillows, cute pink plates, pink napkins, and golden cuttlery :)

Their food and drinks were so nicely decorated, including fancy edible flowers, mini pastel colored marshmallows, and cute arrangements with caramel sauce, etc. Their fancy goat cheese/ fig bread with walnuts and honey also tasted delicious

Drink Highlights

They have a lot of great drink options with some amazing specials among them. They offer different coffee drinks, tea selection, hot chocolates, and fresh pressed juices. Also, they have some iced drinks. Here, they have some fancy ice-teas and among them a rainbow ice-T. 

However, most famous and instagrammable are probably their famous colorful lattes:

No coffee lattes, only warm milk drinks with some special ingredients - pink (red beet), purple (blueberry), golden (curcuma), amethyst (collagen), green (matcha) latte. Really cute and adorable, with some edible flowers decorated on top.

Famous Pancakes

Another highlight were their pancakes. Never had such creative versions. They served only one pancake per serving, however, this one was huge and fluffy with awesome decorations and toppings. 

The more creative ones were decorated with caramel sauce, cotton candy and - of course - some sparkling sugar :)


What we ordered

  • Purple Latte - Warm milk drink with beet roots, blueberries, spirulina
  • The Black Beauty - Hot milk chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows
  • The Luxury Lover - Scrambled eggs & truffles
  • The Couple Goats - Rustic bread with goat cream cheese, figs, walnuts, fresh rosemary & honey
  • The Granny Smith - Pancake with apples, pecans, cinnamon, greek yoghurt & salty caramel
  • The Out of Space - Pancake with bananas, nuts, crispy berries, sour cream, caramal & cotton candy cloud

Photo courtesy of my work colleague M.M. :) Thank you!

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