Blood Orange - Aperol - Prosecco Cocktail

This is one of the beverages that accompanied the brunch at the cooking show "Brunch at Bobby's" with Bobby Flay. It is a fancier version of the Mimosa but uses the bitter blood oranges which are currently in season. The drinks turned out not as red as you would expect from blood oranges, even so the blood oranges looked red inside, the juice was interestingly orange...

The original recipe used Campari, but I decided to use Aperol as I know more cocktails for which I wanted to use it. Both are Italian Aperitifs, slightly bitter and similar but I was told they have slightly different flavors. Feel free to substitute for the Campari.


  • Blood Oranges - freshly juiced
  • Aperol (or Campari)
  • Prosecco 

Preparation (for 1 glass)

One blood orange yields approximately enough juice for a little more than 1 drink. Fill a glass half way with ice cubes, fill it with blood orange juice about 1/2 full, add 1 shot of Aperol, and fill up with the processo. Garnish with an orange slice or fresh mint.

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