TEA TIME - Afternoon Tea at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria

It's almost becoming a habit of mine to look for nice little cute afternoon tea places on vacation. After the Afternoon Tea Brunch in Switzerland, we now went went to Victoria, BC and there is an abundance of different afternoon tea options. Probably the most famous one, but with $60 per person also the most expansive one, is the afternoon tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. After doing some research and reading some reviews, we decided for to combine an already planned visit of the Butchart Gardens with the afternoon tea that the Dining Room there offers. The menu sounded delicious and maybe it did not have the rennaisance flair of the Fairmont Empress Hotel and maybe the tea cups did not look as cute and antique, but for half the price and  the view of the beautiful gardens during a sunny day it was just perfect. The menu was so delicous.

The Battenberg Cake - my favorite:

My favorite snack during the afternoon tea was the Battenberg Cake square. The cake is a light sponge cake, covered in jam and surrounded by marzipan. If cut in squares, it displays a two-by-two check pattern. Such a fantastic little sweet treat. 

Afternoon Tea at the Butchart Gardens:

The Tea:
First, you start with selecting the tea. They did not have too many options, but they had a good variety and served a huge silver tea pot (but be careful to not burn yourself on the tea pot). I tried the Teaberry Blend, black tea with mixed berries, very good.

The Appetizer: 
Second, you get a small appetizer, a nice little berry triffle. A good combination of fruit and mouse.

The Snacks:
Third, you get a cute three tier etagere with so many little things, that it will be difficult to eat all of it.
  • On the bottom you have seven small savory options: a warm sausage rolls, a quiche, a watercress sandwich, a cucumber sandwich, a curry chicken sandwich, a smoked ham salad sandwich and a salmon sandwich.
  • On the middle tier, you have five sweet treats. 
  • On the top tier you will have a fresh and handmade scone with vanilla cream and strawberry jam.

Bottom Tier - Savory Tea Sandwiches and Warm Sausage Rolls and Quiche

Mittdle Tier - Sweet treats with my favorite the Battenberg Cake Square
Top Tier - Fresh Scones

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