Mirchi - Singapore Style Kitchen in Berlin

Mirchi is a restaurant in the famous Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin. It's located in "Mitte" Berlin (a very centrally located bourough) and runs south-east from Friedrichsstrasse to Hackescher Markt. It's kind of a touristic area.The restaurants there are always full. I still like it! I especially like this little restaurant. It looks very fancy and interesting, and it has delicious food. It is Singapore style cuisine, with a mix of Thai, Indian and Chinese style food and I do love my Indian food :) They have a lot of curries, tandoori and tikka style dishes, but also oyster sauce based dishes. My friends took me here months back last year. We hadn't seen each other for a while, almost a year I believe, and we kind of celebrated a reunion... We went to the Berlin Dungeon before and ate at Mirchi.

This time we celebrated again some kind of reunion. A friend of ours came visiting from Florida, USA for a conference. Afterwards we ended the night with some drinks at the AM to PM Bar which is a nice little hip bar at the Hackescher Markt. They have these cute little swinging beach chairs :)

At Mirchi we ordered for the table:

  • The Penang Starter for 2 - It had a mix of different appetzizers, some fried won tans, samosas, chicken satay and a little salad. We had fun trying to identify what exactly was inside the fried won tans/samosas.
  • The Tikka Mix from the Tandoori Oven (rom a special menu of the day) - This was a very delicious grill plate for 2 with minced lamb, herb tikka chicken, marinated prawns and paneer (cheese) with onions and bell pepper. I was especially surprised by the minced lamb as I usually don't like lamb meat, but this was really tasty.
  • The Fish Ratshaburi - I wanted to have some fish that night, so we additionally ordered the red snapper in a green thai curry. It was really spice and very delicious as well, but of course we had way too much food :)

At the AM to PM bar near the Hackescher Markt afterwards.

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