At the "Marubi Ramen" - Dumblings in Berlin

If you feel like homemade steamed dumblings or a ramen noodle soup, I can just recommend this little place. This Japanese style restaurant is called "Marubi Ramen". It is nestled in a side street in Prenzlauer Berg of Berlin and they even have a nice litte outdoor seating area. The food was really delicious and authentic and not too pricy.

What we ordered:

  • Wakame Salad (seaweed salad)
  • Kimshi Salad (spicy pickled cabbage salad)
  • 2 Kinds of Gyosa (dumplings) - filled with pork and vegetables
  • Ramen Beef (noodle soup with beef, kimchi, wakame, etc.)
  • Ramen Mushroom (noodle soup with mushrooms, beef, kimchi, wakame, etc.)
  • Gyu Don (rice and fried beef)

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