Sydney's Tea Cozy - More Tea Time :)

Give me a nice cup of tea and I feel content and relaxed... The day will be just fine... As I am not a coffee drinker, I do need my tea time :) When I travel I like to experience the local tea, may it be a formal Afternoon Tea ceremony or just a tea in a Pub. While in Sydney, I found three nice occasions for that, at the Palace Tea Room in the Queen Victoria Building, the Afternoon Tea at the Royal Botanic Garden, and then this little cute place in Sydney's historical The Rocks area - The Tea Cozy.

Tea Cozy - Scones and Tea as Nana used to make...

This place is run by an Irish-Australian family and opened in 2005. It is located in a 1870s heritage listed building. As you can see from the pictures, "Tea Cozy" is not just the name of the place but also a theme... Every table has a basket with wool and knitting tools, and every cup of tea comes in a tea pot covered in a hand-made woolen cozy, a tea warmer. They have lots of different cozys. At the time I went there, the president of Ireland had just visited a few weeks earlier. In remembrance, they made a tea cozy that looked like the president :)

This place has a nice variety of different loose leaf tea blends that they mix themselves. However, they are also famous for their freshly baked scones (baked fresh all day). They are supposed to be the best scones in Sydney. With them you can order very interesting different kinds of self-made jams. I highly recommend to order the Devonshire Tea that comes with scones, cream & jam, and tea. They also have cute little savory cheese scones for lunch. You can order these with an array of deli meat and cheese, a salmon version with capers and dill, or vegetarian style. Unfortunately, the two times I ended up at that place, I just had eaten lunch and I did not try their scones. But I could see and smell them all around me :)

If you want to go all fancy, you can also order a Tea Cozy Sampler that comes on a three tiered stand including scones with cream and jam, ribbon sandwiches and tea for two :) I saw a couple of people ordering it and it looked really cute.

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