High Tea at Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden

Last year November I went to a conference in Sydney, Australia. As you might know, the seasons there are quite different. It was already pretty sunny there, they were close to their summer season, which was awesome! I used one of my free days to visit the Royal Botanic Garden. It is not just a very nice place to wander around and spend your afternoon, it's also free :) Inspired by the Afternoon Tea at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria (Canada) a few years back, I treated myself to the "High Tea" here at Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden.

I have to admit that I did not have such a nice view of the gardens during the tea ceremony as in Canada, but it was a really nice experience anyways. The snacks and sweets were really fresh and delicious and everything looked so bright and nice. The tea on the other hand was a little mediocre. They used tea bags and the selection was quite limited to English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Sencha, Camomile, and Lemon-Ginger. However, I am a big fan of Earl Grey and Green Tea, so I was all good :)

The savory Snacks consisted of the following:

  • Egg-pea sprouts-celery sandwich (white bread) --- can't go wrong with that one!
  • Smoked salmon-capers-dill sandwich (dark bread)
  • Roast turkey-cranberry-brie brioche slider
  • Sausage roll (pork-fennel sausage with tomato relish) --- not a big sausage fan, but this was amazing! And sausage rolls are supposed to be classic Australian food :)
  • Tartlet (capsicum-fetta-smoked paprika)   ---- super fresh and crispy!
  • Arancini (sundried tomato-basil-morzarella) --- an arancini is a stuffed rice ball, breaded and fried

The Sweets and Scones were fresh and delicious as well!

  • Scone with Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and preserve    --- delicious creams!
  • Lemon meringue tart      --- real delicate!
  • Vanillla cupcake
  • Chocolate, cranberry, coconut brownie
  • French macaron         --- this was a delight!

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