Pretty little Pancakes at Quchnia (Berlin, Germany)

A few years back, I really was not a big fan of pancakes. They seem to be just plain doughy cakes with very sweet syrup... However, while living in the US I did not get around trying pancakes for brunch. And I have to admit - pancakes are far from being boring :)

Sure, you can eat them plain and simple with some butter and maple syrup, but you can also add some interesting flavors to mix it up - some berries and fruits, nuts, other flavored syrups... Now, I am actually a big fan of those fluffy pancakes :)

Quchnia's Pancakes

While I have eaten some really great pancakes over the time, Quchnia had so far the most colorful and pretty ones. They serve a stack of little pancakes with a warm berry compote, fresh fruit, a dab of cream cheese, a sprinkle of bright green crushed pistachios, and a side of maple syrup.

Quchnia - Brunch with a View

Quchnia is a little quaint restaurant and brunch place in downtown Berlin, right at the Gendarmenmarkt square with view of the French Dom. Of course, for such a top location, the price of the dishes are a little steep, but still ok.

What's for Brunch?

As mentioned, Quchnia's pancakes were my favorite. However, they also serve a variety of other common brunch dishes such different egg dishes including poached eggs and scrambled eggs, avocado bread, bagels, granola, yoghurt, acai bowl, french toast, and also the Geman style meat and cheese platter.

I also tried the "Jakob's" which is a sourdough bread with avocado smear, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. It tasted great as well :)

They do also serve lunch dishes (such as the German classic "Flammkuchen") and cakes.

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