The real "Wiener Schnitzel" at Figlmueller (Vienna, Austria)

Wiener Schnitzel

When in Vienna, then you do not get around eating a real Wiener Schnitzel. What makes it "real"? You use veal instead of pork as meat... Also, a good Wiener Schnitzel is thin, large and with those air bubbles in the crispy coating.

Figlmüller - Home of the Schnitzel

"Figlmüller" is said to serve the best Schnitzel in Vienna. It has two restaurants and several connected Figlmüller group restaurants. The flagship restaurant is right behind the St. Stephen's Cathedral.

And indeed, their Wiener Schnitzel is delicious. It is pricy, but it is pricy everywhere in Vienna and here, you at least get two large pieces. You could actually share one portion... They do use special breadcrumps for the coating made from Austrian Emperor Rolls. Also, they use 3 frying pans with a mix of vegetable oil and clarified butter of different temperatures for frying...

Their famous pork Wiener Schnitzel

However, funny thing is that Figlmüller's most famous schnitzel is not the veal Wiener Schnitzel, but the pork Wiener Schnitzel... They are serving it for over 100 years. They serve only one piece, but with its 30cm in diameter it is larger than the average, and it is larger than the serving plate. The reason: They use a special cut of pork, the rose or tenderloin, a choice back piece which hardly puffs during frying and results in a thinner and larger piece.

Erdäpfel Vogerl Salat

The "Erdäpfel - Vogerl" salad is also delicious and a perfect side (better than french fries or parsley potatoes that are also common). It is a potato salad and a field salad combined in one, with a oil-vinegar dressing. As a special ingredient, they also dripple some drops of a black earthy and nutty pumpkin seed oil on top.

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