Viennese Coffeehouses (Vienna, Austria)

While in Vienna, I tried to visit several of the famous coffee houses. The Viennese coffee houses used to be a meeting place for groups of poets, philosophers and revolutionairies. Today, we like to try the mouth-watering culinary creations, cakes and sweet treats of their patisserie.

Here is a list of the ones I visited in order of liking:

My favorite -

Café Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäckerei

This came like a surprise to me... I did not plan on visiting Café Gerstner, it was a last minute decision. Also, there was a line for the first floor and it seemed loud and crowded and did not really please me.

However, the waitress told me to just go up to the second floor. No one was waiting there and that was a whole different world. It was elegant, beautiful and not too crowded. It was also right across from the State Opera in a very good location.

I tried a walnut cake, a peach bellini and my earl grey tea. Everything tasted just delicious. The cake was moist and light. While they did not offer a huge variety of tea, they did serve loose tea of very good quality. 

This place convinced me with everything, the atmosphere, the location, the cakes. It is my number 1 favorite and I will definetly return.



The famous Café Central

Café Central is the most famous Café in Vienna. There is also always a line in front of it. However, it moves quite quickly and you also have the option of making a reservation. The café is located inside the "Palais Ferstel" which is a platial mansion house inspired by Venetian Trecento-era architecture. It looks really nice, old school, and in addition, the waiters and waitresses wear nice fitting old-style uniforms. 

And the best thing - the sweet treats of their in-house patisserie. They offer not just cakes but a lot of different little pastries and sweet treats. And they tast delicious, very light, flavorful and so fresh. Best patisserie ever!

I do not like puff pastry too much, therefore I did not try the famous Austrian apple strudel, but I did try their "Autumn Kiss" which was puff pastry with cream and plum. I also tried the "Trio de Petit Fours" including a "Nutty kiss", "Lemon Kiss", "Fruit Bowl".

This café is very nice and should be visited at least once. I would definitely return for those beautiful patisserie, however, it is very crowded and loud, so don't expect a quite tea time.



And more - Café Schwarzenberg and Café Demel

Another nice coffee house was the Café Schwarzenberg. They had a very nice tea (Marille Ginseng green tea) and the cake selection did look appetising as well. And even though the athmosphere was quite dark, I did like the seating on the wall benches and  at the window. They also offered live music (piano and violine).

My first coffee house was actually my least favorite - the famous Café Demel. After the good reviews and their famous reputation, I though I would be blown away by their patisserie. However, it definetly was not my favorite. I was not a big fan of the cakes they offered. Also, I did not like the atmosphere and the seating areas.

I may visit Café Schwarzenberg again on a rainy day, for the tea and the quiet atmosphere, but not Café Demel. For the perfect patisserie, I would chose Café Central ;)

Café Schwarzenberg

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