Pivovar Starobrno - Tapping and Tasting Czech Beer

Brno - Czech Republic

This year, our annual ESADA (European Sleep Apnea Database) meeting took place in Brno, the second largest city after Prague in the Czech Republic. After flying in to Vienna, we took the bus to Brno.

We did not have much time for sightseeing but one night after dinner we went up the Petrov hill to have a quick look at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul which medival looks are quite dominant in the cityscape and were visible throughout the town and from our hotel. We also strolled around the city center, the market square and the vegetable market with the Parnas fountain.

Pivovar Starobrno - A Czech Brewery

We had the pleasure to participate in a brewery tour of "Pivovar Starobrno" and afterwards, have dinner and Czech beer at their Restaurant.

The Brewery

The Story of the Starbrno Brewery goes back to the Old Brno brewery which was connected to a Cistercian Convent in 1325. While this brewery burned down and was restored several times during the following war times, the convent was closed in 1782. Later, during the second half of the 19th centuary, a new brewery opened with the former brewing buildings used as a malt-house - the Pivovar Starobrno.

In 2009, the brewery merged with the Dutch "Heineken Group", one of the most important brewery companies in Middle Europe. At that time, Pivovar Starobrno produced more than one million hectoliters of beer for the first time in their history.

The Brewery Tour

As part of our Brewery Tour, we visited the brewhouse and saw the cylindrical tanks of beer fermentation flow. We also saw up from the gallery the line for blowing, filling and packing PET bottles. Afterwards, we went to the Brewery Restaurant for dinner and beer tasting :)

The Brewery Restaurant

The Dinner and a Czech Cream Puff

The Brewery Restaurant served us a huge buffet style dinner with lots of warm options with traditional and vegetarian choices (including ribs, chicken wings, pork knuckle, breaded chicken tenders, red cabbage, vegatarian green curry) and fresh salads.

They also offered everything needed for a traditional Czech bread board including an array of fresh pickles and pickled peppers, home-made breads, deli meats and chesses, and lots of condiments and dips (including horseradish, garlic dip and different mustards).

As dessert we had a very nice chocolate cake and also, a Czech pastry specialty: the traditional Czech caramel cream puff / profiterole (called a "větrník").

The beer we tasted included the Starobrno Medium, Dark, and Unfiltered. They even served a mixed two-layered beer of Medium and Dark. Lots of their dishes, condiments and even desserts had a dash of beer into it as well :)

Tapping Beer

As a special treat for us, the brewing master taught us how to tap the Starbrno beer. We also got a certificate for it :)

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