Beach Picnic & Awesome friends

This post is about a fun beach visit with my amazing friends from Portland/New York :)

A few weeks ago we decided to enjoy the nice weather at Cannon Beach and have a nice picnic. We were well prepared with:

  • freshly bought Crab-cocktails and Smoked Salmon
  • French baguette and Salami
  • Assortment of fruits
  • Veggie-Chips with dips
  • German potato salad 
  • Spinach-Cheese Swirls
  • Cookies

Food was delicious despite the "random" sand kernels that were all over it :)

We enjoyed the time like little kids and were building an enormous sand castle (my part was more the watching and observing part) that inspired lots of people who walked by to take pictures.

That's how it started... 

And that's the end :)
Attack of the kite :)

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