Blogger or WordPress?

How to start a food blog? Well, my biggest challenge was to decide what hosting side to use... I did a quick google search, asked a few friends what they are using and I ended up with the top 2 favorites:

Blogger (from Google) or WordPress?

So, now I had to decide... and everyone who knows me will understand how tough that was for me as the most indecisive person ever. I actually ended up not making a decision for a long time. I spent weeks creating basically two identical food blogs with both hosting sides in order to figure out which one I prefer.

Here is what I came up with:

  • Neither of these free hosting sides actually fulfilled all of my highflying requests (such as having categories showing in sub-menues with a thumbnail image, being able to turn pictures in posts, etc.)

  • Blogger advantages:
    • Easy access through Google Account and nice email that is linked to blog
    • Shows up when you google blog
    • Feeling that it might last longer than the foreign UK WordPress as free blogsites have the danger to vanish with the hosting webside... 
    • Ability to change fonts and colors on almost everything which is not possible at WordPress  (blog header, post header, etc)
    • Can change picture size to extra large

  • WordPress advantages: 
    • Way more themes than Blogger
    • Ability to create sub-menues
    • Looks nice and professional (I was told they they are using fonts that are supposed to be easy and best to read and that's the reason why you cannot change the fonts at will)

Well, it was a difficult decision but you can see where I ended up with :)

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