Street Food Berlin

A couple of weeks ago my fiend Nick sent me a link to a new kinda thing happening here in Berlin, called "Street Food". I had already almost forgotten about it, but funny story, after going to the movies at the Kulturbrauerei yesterday we stumbled across an advertisement poster of the "Street Food" event, happening right here, basically in our backyard.

It had just started this year and shall happen every second sunday. It basically is a bunch of food carts offereing diverse food options, from Polnish food, over "Flammkuchen", "Raclette" and tons of Burger options, to even a Brasilian and a Spanish food cart.They had a good variety of food choices, however, prices were high and portions small, but understandable as these are no food carts on every day basis as I have experienced in Portland.

We had some of the flammkuchen, a raclette sandwich, some cider steak bread and a burger. This all was accompanied by some good German beer. Even though it was nice to be able to do all this outside, it still is winter and we soon were so cold that we decided to go home. I will definitely give it another try during summer time :)

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