Breakfast at Godot

Today we went for some light brunch in our neighborhood in Prenzlauer Berg. Our uncle Michael and our friend Andy were visiting. We found this cute little corner café "Godot". The menu wasn't too big or fancy, but the sandwiches delicious and the atmosphere great. The name also has a nice ring to it... Breakfast at Godot :)

Note: "Waiting for Godot" is an actual play from 1953 about two characters that are waiting endlessly for the arrival of Mr. Godot. During the entire play they do not end up meeting him. One of the possible interpretations of the play is one that the existentialists hold. They assert that conscious reality is very complex and without an objective or universally known value. The individual must create value by affirming it and living it, not by simply talking about it, waiting or philosophising it in the mind. In "Waiting for Godot" the main characters show an endless disappointingly illusion of the waiting with a tragic helplessness.

Tea Time with my cousin, my uncle and our friend Andy

Wall decoration

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