The Strahov Monastary Brewery - drinking beer with the monks :)

The Strahov Monastary Brewery is a nice little brewery up in the Petrin Hills right on the edge to the Castle district. The restaurant is not as easy to find, as there are quite a few restaurants around. Just keep going and it is a small place behind a big gate, it almost looks like an entry to a secret garden. They have a nice outdoor seating area and you can see the beer tanks of the brewery.

We of course tried out the nice freshly brewed beer but we also had some food. I tried the beer gulash which came with three different kinds of dumblings. It was outstanding! This was actually my first real dish in Prague and it was the best, unforgettable. Believe me, we tried several gulashes, but the three different kind of dumplings was spot on. I also like to imagine that they used the freshly brewed beer to slow cook the gulash which was an additional plus. My friends also ordered the gulash and the pork knuckle which looked very fancy as well. According to my friend, it also tasted good :)

This place was recommended by a friend who had heard on his last day in Prague that there shall be a monastary brewery where you can drink with the monks. He did not have a chance to try it out. Well, we did and it was a great experience, even though there were unfortunately no monks around to share a beer with :)

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