The Trdelnik Chimney - also known as the "Ice Cream Donut Cone"

This is just an amazingly cute and delicious dessert that we came across in Prague. It is a very new (since February 2016) and non-tradional take on the traditional Czech cinamon pastry rolls.
The Trdelnik Chimney - or the "Ice Cream Donut Cone" - is a Czech funnel-cake filled with soft ice-cream and is sold at Czech bakeries or café places. It has a cinamon sugar and hazelnut covered cone that can be lined with either nutella or berry compot and filled with ice cream, whipped cream and strawberries.

The Trdelnik Chimney is very trendy and pictures seemed to go viral in February on Instagram. I was surprised to discover that, but now I am really happy I was able to try it out :)

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