Afternoon Tea in Dublin - The Shelbourne

Afternoon Tea is a traditional special dining experience. The tea ceremony has its beginnings in England. It was first created by Anna Russell, the Duchess of Bedford and a lifelong friend of Queen Victoria in the early 19th century. During that time, dinner was served later and later in the day and except for breakfast there was only a light lunch. The afternoon time was quite long and the Duchess found that a tea with sandwiches or cakes was the perfect addition and best enjoyed in company.

I have experienced Afternoon Tea in Victoria (Canada), Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Florida (Orlando, USA), Sydney (Australia). Among those Afternoon Tea session were also some very special themed and whimsical ones. The Afternoon Tea at the Grosvenor House (London) displayed a Royal Wedding theme as it was right before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. The Afternoon Tea at the Kensington Hotel (London) had a Beauty and the Beast theme (Tale As Old As Time).

The Lord Mayer's Lounge (The Shelbourne)

Now, it was time to try Afternoon Tea in Ireland. I chose the Lord Mayer's Lounge at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. I liked the atmosphere of the lounge with the soft piano music and the classic style of a 4 tiered étagere Afternoon Tea. Also, they served unlimited food and tea. This is important to me, as I like to try different tea flavors :) And they included an Irish themed sandwich that was just delicious - using whiskey cured salmon and guiness bread!

As mentioned, the restaurant was delightful and I even got a table at the window that I asked for. The staff were very attentive but unobtrusive. They also did not rush you after your 90 min seating. The prepared the tea and poured the cup for you and kept the rest in a silver tea pot. However, you were not required to finish the entire tea pot. They even asked whether you want to try another one.

My Highlights

A Flowering Tea, a Maqui Mandra Rooibos Tea, and an Irish Bite 

  • One hightlicht was the flowering tea. I have had flowering teas before, but somehow I never liked them. Here, I was completely enchanted by the way they served it and the flavor. They put the tea pot in front of you. However, it was a seethrough glass tea pot and you could see the tea flower grow. Very nice to watch.
  • Also, I am not a big fan of rooibos tea. Nevertheless, I tried their Maqui Mandra, a rooibos tea with a fruity taste of the maqui berries. It sounded nice and I wanted to try somehing new. And - to my surprise - I just loved it. So much, actually, that I ordered it twice - I started and I ended with it ;) I wanted to buy it, but unfortunately, they did not sell it. However, it is a Ronnefeldt Tea and you can buy it online.
  • Among the food, my highlight was indeed the Irish bite - a sandwich with whiskey cured smoked salmon and guiness bread. Doesn't that sound just delightful?


Teas and Bites in Detail

Teas I tried - All of them very recommendable :)

  • Maqui Mandra - mild green rooibos with a fruite taste and aroma of the rare maqui berries
  • Golden Fortune Balls (Flowering Tea) - mild green tea with a hint of passion fruit 
  • Oolong Tea Tie Guan Yin - mild green Chinese oolong tea with a floral and sweet taste

The savory and sweet bites - The Irish bite was my favorite!

  • First tier: Buttermilk scones with a gingerbread
  • Second tier - Savory bites: Whiskey cured smoked salmon on guiness bread (Irish special), cherry tomatoes and feta cheese on pumpkin bread, egg salad and cress on white bread, chicken avocado poppy seed roll
  • Third and Fourth tier - sweets: Lemon raspberry éclair, carrot cake with orange cream frosting, vanilla and pomegranate panna cotta with rhubarb and yuzu compote, chocolate mousse ball with hazelnut bavarois and liquid caramel

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