FLORIDA PART I: At Tallahassee's Front Porch

Last month I went to Tallahassee, Florida to visit my good old friends M. & J. from my German college time who had moved to the US about a year ago. It was M.'s B-day and we had a wonderful few days in Tallahassee before we moved on to Orlando together. It really felt like old times...

The Food Highlight...

On my last night in Tallahassee, M. & J. took me to an amazing dinner at the "Front Porch". It is a very nice restaurant with great atmosphere and outdoor dining options, cute cocktails and amazing food. However, I have to admit as they told me about the speciality at that restaurant, my first thought was, that is nothing for me... As a speciality you can order a whole fish, that is freshly fried and grilled and served for about 3 people. I had never seen an entire fish with head and tail on the plate and I couldn't imagine myself eating it. However, the more I thought about it, the more I got curious and I decided I wanted to try it. Best decision ever! The fish was so delicious, crispy and flavorful, I believe it was a red snapper. I did not touch the head, but there were nice filet pieces that we could pick out.

Thanks for an amazing time and for letting me try something new :)

Tallahassee's highlights besides food...

M. & J. did their best to present Tallahassee from its best side and they did a damn good job with that!
Next to the Front Porch Adventure, here is a brief summary of the Highlights:

  • An amazing sunset B-Day picnic at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refugee (I also have to congratulate J.'s driving skills on the way back home as somehow all the wildlife wanted to make an appearance and cross the street in front of us - raccoons, deer, alligators, opossums...)
  • A delightful boats tour at Wakulla Springs 
  • A visit to the Maclay Gardens State Park 
  • An adventurous full-moon kayak tour
  • And last but not least, an enjoyable and relaxed afternoon at M. & J.'s pool :)

St. Marks National Wildlife Refugee
Wakulla Springs
Maclay Gardens State Park


  1. It was great to have you here. Come back anytime! :D

    1. Sweet :) I wish I could do that right away. Had an amazing time!

  2. Yes, please come back soon!!! It really was just like the good old days - so great to know that neither time nor space can hurt our friendship! Also, great description, I'm so glad you had a good time. And gorgeous photo of the Maclay Gardens.

    1. You guys really spoiled me with adventures! Maybe we can meet again next year?


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