FLORIDA PART II: T-Rex Cafe - Dining with Dinosaurs


After Tallahassee, I went with my friends M. & J. straight to Orlando where we met up with my boyfriend.

We spent some amazing time at Disney's Typhoon Waterpark and the Islands of Adventure and its Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My boyfriend and I also visited Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot at Disney World, we played mini-golf at Disney's Fantasia Gardens and we went to a Pirate Dinner Show

T-Rex Cafe...

As you can see, I had a wonderful time. One of my food highlights here was a visit to the "T-Rex Cafe" at Disney Downtown, which is basically a "brother" restaurant to the Rainforest Cafe. This place does not just have great and tasty food and cocktails, it also seems to come alive. The entire theme of the place is prehistoric with an interactive display of dinosaurs and different dining areas. Several times each hour a short show starts in which the dinosaurs start moving, making sounds and lights are flickering.

J. and I ordered the "Woolly Mommoth Chicken" (amazing grilled chicken over garlic mushed potatoes in a tomato broth with lots of vegetables - so good), my boyfriend got the "Tribal Fish Tacos"(cute little tasty tacos, wrapped in a nice way in tin foil) and M. got the "Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich" (delicious sandwich made out of pizza dough with grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, lemon aioli). I tasted them all and can recommend them :)

A fun experience, well worth the wait in line, and I have to admit we even didn't need to wait that long. And again, this is something I would have never experienced without my friends M. & J. :)

Check also out, M's Blog entry to this day at: http://peachesnorangesflorida.blogspot.com/2013/09/tropical-and-prehistoric.html

Woolly Mommoth Chicken

Tribal Fish Tacos

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