Rainbow Fruit Cups

Ever wondered how to make a fruit salad look pretty? Well, fruits are so delicious and exoctic that it actually is not a big challenge. However, for my work colleague's baby shower I thought to try something special. I googled "fruit salad + baby shower" and found this really cute idea:

Rainbow Fruit cups


  • Nice cups (I actually bought plastic wine cups from the dollar store and they worked perfectly)
  • Rainbow colored fruits
  • Whipped cream
  • Cookie sticks (or as my Mom suggested, these little cute cocktail umbrellas if you can find them)
I used the following fruit, however, all those fruits can be exchanged for fruits of the same color:
Red strawberries, Orange tangerines, Yellow pineapple, Green kiwi, Blue blueberries


Just cut the fruit in slices and layer them up in the cup in the order of the rainbow colors:


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